Please note: the handyman is now semi-retired and not taking on any new clients. This site is here for existing clients who need a reminder of contact details. We are discontinuing the phone number from March 2020 so please use email.

We make a point of operating a low-cost service in these difficult times, and think you will find our charges to be fair. Please call if you need more information.

How we keep our costs reasonable

Most skilled tradesmen, builders, mechanics etc. charge more than our very reasonable rates (for example, �15 for a half-hour appointment in Lyme Regis, all the way down to �14.25/hour for a full day) - so how do we do it?

  • We don't get involved with the mountain of bureaucracy that now impedes many jobs. Getting training and certification for various specialist trades adds a premium onto even the simplest job, because it is just so expensive to do. So:
    • We aren't Gas Safe registered (formerly CORGI) - that means we can't do any work at all on mains gas or LPG (Calor) appliances.
    • We aren't registered electricians - that doesn't mean we aren't competent (the principal was apprenticed as an electrician and knows the regulations as well as the practical aspects) - but it does mean that we are not allowed by law to make any changes or additions to the circuits in your kitchen, bathroom or outside.
    • We don't take away your waste or rubbish to the tip. Believe it or not, we cannot even remove a carrier bag of grass clippings or domestic rubbish without having a waste transfer licence, completing a transfer notice, and payment of a fee to an authorised waste management facility. If you can make sense of the regulations, congratulations! We can't.
  • We only take on smaller jobs that don't require big overheads - making a formal written quotation or lengthy estimate just adds an extra cost onto the final job. We will always give you our best guess of how long a job will take, but not a formal quotation. Of course, if we think something will take 3 hours, and on arrival it seems more like 3 days, we'll let you know before we go over what you are expecting to spend.
  • We don't carry a huge stock of spares and fittings that you need to pay for through higher labour rates.
  • We don't charge you a premium if we buy something at your request to do a job. The price we pay is the price you pay. We can usually get an item at a competitive price either locally or online, depending on what it is and how urgently you need it.