We can do all sorts of minor electrical work for you, for example:

  • Change fuses (in plugs or your consumer unit) and non-moulded appliance plugs or flexes
  • Change lamp bulbs and fluorescent tubes or starters
  • Fit replacement light fittings
  • Install a battery-operated doorbell or smoke detector
  • Replace broken electrical sockets, switches or light fittings
  • "You buy, we fit" - anything electrical you bought and don't know how to install or fit - we may be able to help.
  • We cannot do major electrical installations, rewiring or fault-finding, or add wiring and sockets in bathrooms, kitchens and outside. (Why not? Not because we don't know what we are doing! But there are strict regulations about who can do electrical work in the home. We keep our costs low by not having to jump through all the regulatory hoops that now exist. You can read a summary on this page (PDF PDF file).) We suggest you call a specialist electrician for this sort of work.
  • We don't repair appliances large or small (cookers, washers, microwaves, kettles, toasters, ceiling fans etc.) You need to call an engineer for this, or for PAT testing.