We can do all sorts of minor repairs, restoration and alteration of wooden items, for example:

  • Repair wooden fixtures and fittings in the house e.g. damaged or loose skirtings, door architraves and casings, banisters or handrails
  • Ease and re-hang doors that stick
  • Fit bolts, catches and security chains, or replace door locks or handles
  • Even up wonky table or chair legs
  • Box in pipework
  • Assemble your flat-pack furniture
  • Glue loose chair legs or backs
  • Repair or replace broken floorboards
  • We cannot do antique or valuable furniture restoration or re-upholstery. We suggest you call a specialist tradesman for this.

Some repairs can be made at your house; but it may be easier and cheaper for us to take away furniture etc. for repair in our workshop, so you don't have to pay us to wait while glue or varnish dries, for example. We are always happy to give you a receipt for your goods of course.

If we are working on fitting a door, we will require space enough to lay it flat undercover - either inside or in a garage; otherwise the appointment may need to be cencelled if the weather is wet.